Date: 01-Jan-2018

133rd Church Anniversary : 3rd December, the 1st Sunday of the month was celebrated as the 133rd Church Anniversary and the Divine Service was well attended. We thank Ms. Divya Thomas for the music during the Service.

Advent : 3rd December was the beginning of the Advent Season, we observed it by lighting candles every week. We thank Mrs. Indra Chandrasekar who scripted messages that helped us gain a valuable perspective on our experience of Christmas.

Carol Service and Christmas Tree Celebration : Held on the 17th of December, a Sunday evening Service which filled all the pews. The Carol Service encouraged all the men to give a special number followed by the women and by the children. The Service was followed by the Christmas Tree celebration with the women singing carols, a skit by the children, re-living VBS songs, Johanna’s fancy dress, Shaun’s special song and games.

A big Thank You to:

  • Mrs. Ranjana Brownson, Ms. Mahima Brownson, Mr. Roshan Ninan, Mr. Chris Shatananda, Mr. Andy Shatananda, Mr. Praful Asurlekar, Mr. Avishkar Borde, Mrs. Preeti Borde, Mr. Arush Borde, Ms. Keya Shah
  • Mr. Vijaykar Mani and Mr. Deepak Ohol for the carpets
  • Mrs. Indira Chandrasekar, Mrs. Ranjana Brownson, Mrs. Susan Fernandes and Mrs. Preeti Borde for organizing all the performances.
  • Mr. Avishkar Borde for being Santa Claus
  • Mr. Praful Asurlekar for sponsoring the gifts for the children
  • The Sponsor & Mr. Vijaykar Mani for the sumptuous dinner & dessert.
  • Noah, Priyanka and Wilson for all the assistance.
Christmas Eve was well attended. Thanks to Sanjana for the melodious music during the Service.

Christmas Tree for the Visually Disabled was celebrated on the 30th of December. New Year’s Eve climaxes at midnight with a time of prayer, we thank Mahima for the melodious music during the Service.