From the Pastor’s Desk

Message by Rev. John Shatananda

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

We live in an evil world. There aremany ups and downs. What is our reaction Greetings in Jesus’ name.

We have come to the last month of theyear 2017. It is appropriate for us to say with the Psalmist (Ps 118:1) “Oh,give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

How was the year 2017? Good? Bad?Sometimes, when we face times of trial or trouble, we may become very weak inour faith and forget the grace of God. But a good way to become strong in ourfaith is to deliberately remember God’s past provisions for us and give thanks.

When the children of Israel foundthemselves in a barren, hot desert, they developed memory loss about the graceof God. They began to wish they were back in Egypt, enjoying all the food (Ex.16:2-3).

They also complained about watersupply (17:2). They had forgotten the mighty acts of God in their deliverance,the wealth he had given them (12:36)

They forgot God’s gracious pastprovision, but were dwelling on their current circumstances.

The Psalmist challenges us, “Oh givethanks to the Lord for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

The word ‘Mercy’ means ‘SteadfastLove’.

It refers to God’s faithfulness. Hehas promised to be present always to care for His children.

Remember specific ways God hasprovided for you and all, in the past. Then we can change our perspective forbetter.

God’s steadfast love endures forever!

If we need hope and strength fortoday, tomorrow and day after, let’s remember God’s provision of yesterday.

Let’scelebrate Church Birthday, Christmas and New Year with a positive note. TheLord and Saviour Jesus Christ is with us. With Him in our heart, we have fullof Hope.

From the Sunday School Teacher’s Desk

By Mrs. Ranjana Brownson


Psalm 37:3-7

“Hey,Mom, look!” exclaimed Kylie. She held up a carton of milk. “Noah and I weregoing to have a glass of milk, but it''s frozen!” Mother frowned. “That''s odd,”she said. She bent down and peered inside the refrigerator. She checked some ofthe other items there. “Uh-oh!” she said. “We have a problem. Other things arefrozen, too.” “Shall we move the refrigerator out from the wall?” asked Noah.“If I look at the back, maybe I can tell what''s wrong.” Kylie laughed. “I doubtthat, she said, “You don''t know a thing about refrigerators and what makes themrun.” Mother smiled. “I think we should call a repairman,” she said. “Someonewho knows exactly how to fix broken refrigerators.”

WhenKylie got home from school the following day, she opened the refrigerator andpulled out the carton of milk. She shook it. “The repairman must have beenhere,” she said as she found a glass. “I''m glad we called an expert and didn''ttry to fix it ourselves.” She sighed. “I wish I knew an expert I could call tofix a problem I''m having at school. I try so hard to get along with both Mollyand Sara, but they don''t like each other and they want me to take sides.Sometimes I don''t know how to handle it.”

“Iknow an expert who can help you,” said mother.

Kyliewas surprised. “You do? Who? She asked.

“God,”replied mother. “He''s the best ''repairman'' we could ever call on. Sometimeswhen we have problems we try to fix them ourselves, but calling on God to helpus is always the best way.” “Does it mean that my problem will go away if Ijust pray about it?” asked Kylie. Mother smiled. “No,” she said, “though Goddoes sometimes change the circumstances that are troubling us. Other times heshows us the way to handle them and gives us strength to do so. Sometimes heuses teachers or parents or a Bible verse to show us what to do. Sometimes heapparently wants us to use good common sense and to simply do our best andtrust him to work things out.”


Whenyou have a problem, do you remember to call on God, the greatest repairman?Trust him to show you how to take care of your problems.

LetGod help with problems.

Member’s Column


By Mr. Moses Brownson

Believe in miracles!

Hi, greetings to all in the matchless & glorious name of our lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our gracious Lord works miracles in our day to day lives, only that we should be ready to accept them and believe in them as it is our Lord''s wish in our lives.

I am sharing this testimony not only to encourage you all, gracious people of God & boost your spiritual growth, but also to mainly glorify our God for what He has done for me in recent past.

I work with the railways and have to go thru strenuous shifts & workload as well. It was one of those days, on 23rd June 2017, when I had finished my 16hr shift and was back home in the morning, normally after prayers and breakfast I fall off into deep sleep due to tiredness. But that particular day, I wasn''t able to sleep, something odd was happening in my body, which I could not understand, all of a sudden at 4 pm I started having fever with shivering, which kept on rising. I called up my physician and he prescribed certain tablets for that moment & advised me to see him next day. The fever finally subsided, but there was immense heat only on my left leg, especially portion below the knee.  In 2008, I had been operated on the knee which was ok but with niggles all these years, but that particular day it was the worst. Next day, I went to my doctor, the treatment started, but no success. My leg started swelling with immense heat and unbearable pain as well, it had started becoming reddish in colour and I could not put my foot down, I had to keep it elevated that too with two-three cushions beneath the leg.

Day by day things were getting worse, I was totally bed ridden, unable to attend duty, in fact lots of difficulties even to move in the house. All sort of treatments were failing, I even tried ayurvedic treatment, but nothing worked. In the meanwhile, prayers were also going on, all my family members were in prayer, but nothing was working. I was subjected to high and strong pain killer tablets and very high dose of antibiotics, pain used to reduce a little, but swelling was as it was. This went on till 10th of July.

Finally I had to start going to work, it was a great support from my seniors and collegues who were kind enough to adjust on duty. They told me just to come for some time and then go home as I was unable to bear the pain. On the 12th July 2017, something happened - a routine day in pain, I came home early from office was lying on bed, around 10.30-10.45 in the night, my mother was about to turn off the television after watching, I told her not to do it and I changed channel to God TV channel, I often used to watch it but not during this hour. There was a program going on called "Worship Asia", where many testimonies were being shared & great things our Lord had done in many people''s lives around Asia including India. While winding up the program in the studios there were two servants of the Lord and one started praying for everyone, while praying all of a sudden he prayed "there is a man in India, who is watching this program. He is on the bed with severe leg infection, that too on the lower portion and he is in pain, brother the Lord starts healing you right now", at that very moment amidst all the pain, there was a very painful needle prick in that portion of my leg & the pain subsided, I went off to sleep, dont know when, but immediately.

Next day onwards the pain reduced, the swelling and the reddishness of the leg also. I was able to move slowly and in three-four days I was normal, healthy and heartily went back to work.

It was one of the greatest miracles our Lord Jesus Christ made me experience in my life so far, all glory and honour to our Lord and Savoiur Jesus Christ. Be of good cheer all you gracious people of God. Amen.

I wish to tell you something more, when on bed all these days, the Lord spoke through His Word and increased my spiritual growth even more, He taught me to totally rely on Him and His grace. While on the bed, I used to think that I am unable to bear this little pain, how much would have my lord borne when on the cross for me!!