From the Sunday School Teacher’s Desk

By Mrs. RanjanaBrownson


Psalm 37:3-7

“Hey, Mom, look!” exclaimed Kylie. She held upa carton of milk. “Noah and I were going to have a glass of milk, but it''sfrozen!” Mother frowned. “That''s odd,” she said. She bent down and peeredinside the refrigerator. She checked some of the other items there. “Uh-oh!”she said. “We have a problem. Other things are frozen, too.” “Shall we move therefrigerator out from the wall?” asked Noah. “If I look at the back, maybe Ican tell what''s wrong.” Kylie laughed. “I doubt that, she said, “You don''t knowa thing about refrigerators and what makes them run.” Mother smiled. “I thinkwe should call a repairman,” she said. “Someone who knows exactly how to fixbroken refrigerators.”

When Kylie got home from school the followingday, she opened the refrigerator and pulled out the carton of milk. She shookit. “The repairman must have been here,” she said as she found a glass. “I''mglad we called an expert and didn''t try to fix it ourselves.” She sighed. “Iwish I knew an expert I could call to fix a problem I''m having at school. I tryso hard to get along with both Molly and Sara, but they don''t like each otherand they want me to take sides. Sometimes I don''t know how to handle it.”

“I know an expert who can help you,” saidmother.

Kylie was surprised. “You do? Who? She asked.

“God,” replied mother. “He''s the best''repairman'' we could ever call on. Sometimes when we have problems we try tofix them ourselves, but calling on God to help us is always the best way.”“Does it mean that my problem will go away if I just pray about it?” askedKylie. Mother smiled. “No,” she said, “though God does sometimes change thecircumstances that are troubling us. Other times he shows us the way to handlethem and gives us strength to do so. Sometimes he uses teachers or parents or aBible verse to show us what to do. Sometimes he apparently wants us to use goodcommon sense and to simply do our best and trust him to work things out.”


When you have a problem, do you remember tocall on God, the greatest repairman? Trust him to show you how to take care ofyour problems.

Let God help with problems.

From the Pastor’s Desk

By Rev. John Shatananda

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

We have entered the new year, 2018. What does it have in store for us? Joy, Happiness, Peace? or Troubles that cause fear in our hearts? There is One who says, “Do not be afraid!” That is our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who always have met a vital human needs.

Pastor W. George was one of the great preachers, he was invited to a college to preach. He inquired about what topic to address. The students told the Principal, “let the visiting minister tell us how we may conquer fear.”

Till today, this is the heart cry of many. At times we are afraid. We often think that the fear of dying is our number one concern.

But this may not be true. Many are overwhelmed with the fear of living. They are afraid to go on with life. Maybe we are one among them. They may ask, “will I be a success?”

A teen, pregnant, before marriage may ask, “how I am going to tell my parents.” A drug addict may ask, “what is my habit doing to me?” Those who have done shameful things ask, “How can I face shame?”

And sadly, these fearful people sometimes try to end it all because they don’t think they can face the future.

Suicide and withdrawal is NOT AN ANSWER.


He says to you, “Do not be afraid!”

Trust Jesus. Give Him your anxieties. If you truly believe Him, He will help you conquer the fear of life. “Do not be afraid - I am He, who lives and was dead, and behold I am alive for evermore (Rev. 1:17,18).

Enter 2018, without fear, because the One who is alive forever more is with you forever!

New Year wishes

from The Pastor and Family

& The Pastorate Committee

Member’s Column


By Mr. Moses Brownson

Believe in miracles!

Hi, greetings to all in the matchless &glorious name of our lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our gracious Lord works miracles in our day today lives, only that we should be ready to accept them and believe in them asit is our Lord''''s wish in our lives.

I am sharing this testimony not only toencourage you all, gracious people of God & boost your spiritual growth,but also to mainly glorify our God for what He has done for me in recent past.

I work with the railways and have to go thrustrenuous shifts & workload as well. It was one of those days, on 23rd June2017, when I had finished my 16hr shift and was back home in the morning,normally after prayers and breakfast I fall off into deep sleep due totiredness. But that particular day, I wasn''''t able to sleep, something odd washappening in my body, which I could not understand, all of a sudden at 4 pm Istarted having fever with shivering, which kept on rising. I called up myphysician and he prescribed certain tablets for that moment & advised me tosee him next day. The fever finally subsided, but there was immense heat onlyon my left leg, especially portion below the knee.  In 2008, I had been operated on the kneewhich was ok but with niggles all these years, but that particular day it wasthe worst. Next day, I went to my doctor, the treatment started, but nosuccess. My leg started swelling with immense heat and unbearable pain as well,it had started becoming reddish in colour and I could not put my foot down, Ihad to keep it elevated that too with two-three cushions beneath the leg.

Day by day things were getting worse, I wastotally bed ridden, unable to attend duty, in fact lots of difficulties even tomove in the house. All sort of treatments were failing, I even tried ayurvedictreatment, but nothing worked. In the meanwhile, prayers were also going on,all my family members were in prayer, but nothing was working. I was subjectedto high and strong pain killer tablets and very high dose of antibiotics, painused to reduce a little, but swelling was as it was. This went on till 10th ofJuly.

Finally I had to start going to work, it was agreat support from my seniors and collegues who were kind enough to adjust onduty. They told me just to come for some time and then go home as I was unableto bear the pain. On the 12th July 2017, something happened - a routine day inpain, I came home early from office was lying on bed, around 10.30-10.45 in thenight, my mother was about to turn off the television after watching, I toldher not to do it and I changed channel to God TV channel, I often used to watchit but not during this hour. There was a program going on called "WorshipAsia", where many testimonies were being shared & great things ourLord had done in many people''''s lives around Asia including India. While windingup the program in the studios there were two servants of the Lord and onestarted praying for everyone, while praying all of a sudden he prayed"there is a man in India, who is watching this program. He is on the bedwith severe leg infection, that too on the lower portion and he is in pain,brother the Lord starts healing you right now", at that very moment amidstall the pain, there was a very painful needle prick in that portion of my leg& the pain subsided, I went off to sleep, dont know when, but immediately.

Next day onwards the pain reduced, theswelling and the reddishness of the leg also. I was able to move slowly and inthree-four days I was normal, healthy and heartily went back to work.

It was one of the greatest miracles our LordJesus Christ made me experience in my life so far, all glory and honour to ourLord and Savoiur Jesus Christ. Be of good cheer all you gracious people of God.Amen.

I wish to tell you something more, when on bedall these days, the Lord spoke through His Word and increased my spiritualgrowth even more, He taught me to totally rely on Him and His grace. While onthe bed, I used to think that I am unable to bear this little pain, how muchwould have my lord borne when on the cross for me!!